Before Jose Raul Vaquero became known as an international superconnector, he was always interested in cultivating connections to generate social change.

That is why he is the founder of several entities with a presence in 24 countries, such as the Documentation Sciences Foundation or the Club Impulso, which connects more than 125,000 professionals worldwide.

He is also the founder of the Young Politicians of the Americas community, which connects young people under 35 years of age who are starting in politics professionally or already hold political office.

Recognized by several governments and organizations like Human Rights Ambassador (USA). Member of the Club of Rome (Spain Chapter). Grand Cross of the Congress of Colombia. National Badge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Bolivia. Honorary Member of the Council of Economists and Sciences of Mexico. Vice President of the Proclamation of Forgiveness to the Black Community by the Spanish Deputies Congress.

Other distinctions of Jose Raul Vaquero are Knighthood by order of Mary of Hungary (Belgium). Knighthood by the Royal Foundation Association Knights of the Monastery of Yuste (Spain).

The Association of Business Leaders considers Jose Raul as one of the most influential Spanish-speaking connectors in the United States of America.

Keys and Guest of Honor of the City of Armenia.

Since its constitution in 2005, the Documentation Sciences Foundation, which supports Club Impulso, has stood out for the many connections it generates in its work communities with multi-sector professionals.

As a result of these connections, millions of euros have been generated in projects and initiatives.

Club Impulso seeks to standardise the actions that allow it to boost the generation of business among its members.


VIP members of the American Women Leaders community and men from any country interested in advancing their professional growth. All members must pay annual dues once their membership application has been approved.


To make connections an essential instrument in the generation of business.


To add value to our members for their professional growth.


Giving visibility to the professional activity. Fostering the generation of connections. Learning about connections through mentoring sessions.