Newsletter 10

Business connections. Next stop, Chile

Tomorrow I will start a trip to Chile to establish business connections between Club Impulso members and different Chilean companies. Setting up business in an entirely new country, with different cultural, social, political and economic norms, can be difficult. I’ll travel to Chile with a portfolio of sixty-four companies. Twenty-three Chilean companies and forty-one companies…
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Newsletter 9

Our thoughts about money determine our successful connections

One of the most common questions I have received from my mentees in mentoring sessions is: How can I generate profit with my connections? Or Is it morally acceptable to use our connections to support the growth of our business? Both questions are logical, and both relate to our thoughts about money. WHAT DOES PROFIT…
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Newsletter 8

The incredible connecting power of empathy

Evolutionary biologists like Frans de Waal have shown that we are social animals which, from the earliest times, have gathered in groups, depending on each other for food, shelter and survival. Empathy plays a vital role because a lack of empathy makes cruelty and oppression possible, and the connections can’t exist without it. Companies run…
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Business connection. Merchandising supplier

One of the members is looking for a merchandising supplier who sells by dropshipping to print t-shirts and mugs and ship them worldwide to his customers. Do you know someone who fits this profile?Please write to us privately.

Newsletter 7

Asking for an introduction is not as easy as you think

I constantly request my network for introductions to help someone achieve their ends because I love connecting. I’m doing it not linearly but on different levels, allowing me to see how one movement can produce success for many people. «It’s not what you know, it’s whom you know,» and I add, «and the value you…
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Newsletter 6

Tips for making time for connections

«The hard truth is that time waits for no one and is one of the scarcest resources. Yet one of the best things you can do as a connector is to invest your time because you need to be present«. When you are a genuine connector, you are more than happy to help other people,…
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Newsletter 5

How to make connections when you are an introvert?

“Introverts tend to be deep and reflective thinkers. They tend to be good at creative stuff. I don’t think it’s because they necessarily have some mysterious gene for creativity, but rather that creativity requires time spent alone, and introverts are good at that”.- Susan Cain Let’s look at the experience of Marta, a young engineer…
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Newsletter 4

Why did I decide to connect young politicians?

“Despite the myth of political complacency among young people, they are eager to participate in the democratic process”. When I was younger I believed that no one is too young to change the world. Now I think the same, but I realise that you need to do it with a strong network of connections. We…
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Newsletter 3

4 basics aspects of business connections

Don’t wait until your business is dead to start connecting. If you want to build a solid business, you must go out and make connections today. As you know, the aim of this newsletter is to help us strengthen our skills to become a great connector, because business connections involve making links not only with…
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Newsletter 2

Connections aren’t about talking, they’re about listening

If you speak less, you can listen more! In July I finished the first season of «Let’s Connect Live» interviews with prominent members of I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed listening to the insights from this mastermind group who appeared on my podcast last season. And the key is precisely to listen.…
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