The Club offers its member entities worldwide the opportunity to increase their productivity by responding to their business needs.


It is a need that our member entity has to cover that involves investment or expense, and they want the Club to take the necessary steps to identify which companies or professionals can provide them with a solution.

For all of them, we carry out the following actions:

We give international visibility to our member entities to increase their business generation opportunities:

  • We share brochures, videos, press releases and other materials about the products or services of the members to distribute on our social media profiles.
  • All member entities can submit a workshop (maximum 40 minutes) introducing themselves to the community, their know-how and professional goals to be achieved in the next 12 months.
  • To generate the best connections with other companies or customers, a manager assigned by each member entity will be able to hold regular one-to-one discussions with the Club managers.
  • We facilitate meetings between the manager assigned by each member entity and other professionals who can answer their business needs.

At the Club, we support the strengthening of member entities by providing or channelling specialised and customised support connections to stimulate innovative businesses.

Business connections arise because they raise a company’s productivity, which is influenced by local assets and the presence of firms, institutions, and infrastructure surrounding it.

  • As part of its long-term actions, the Club offers member entities the possibility of adding its products, services or solutions to the portfolio we use to connect the business needs we receive with the companies or professionals that can provide solutions.
  • Knowing the entity’s business needs, the Club will generate a continuous search in its networks of connections of possible companies or professionals that could provide them with a solution.