Find sponsorship for your projects

We’re constantly asked by many women entrepreneurs how to find sponsorship for their projects, using the substantial value of connections.

It is a complex subject since there are many variables to work on, and we have to go back to sales principles: People buy from people they trust, either because they know them directly or because someone else transfers their trust in them!

So, connections and relationship building is still the most effective sponsorship strategy today.

First, You’d like to invest time to clarify the high-value companies or corporate professionals and research what networks they belong to. This action allows you to connect with them by design instead of by default.

But second, you must define your product and service very well, oriented to the benefits that those who contribute with their money will obtain.

These days in Rome (Italy – Europe), our Founder Jose Raul Vaquero is discussing all this in a seminar with European business people and entrepreneurs.