Launching the micromet

The Club Impulso launches Micro Online Meetings (micromet).

The micromet are online meeting, with a maximum of 100 participants and a duration of 60 minutes, under Zoom technology.

Each meeting is divided into sessions of 15 minutes each, where different micro-groups are created, formed by participants (either randomly chosen by the system or who have the possibility of selecting a group) and within which they will be able to present themselves and share know-how. Each micro-group will have a coordinator who will moderate the times and order of the presentation.

After the time has elapsed, the system automatically returns all participants to the main room, where they share impressions.

Subsequently, the system generates another new session where the process is repeated up to 4 sessions per online meeting.

As short presentations, the micromet is a fun and professional way to foster connections between all participants.

The following video shows how it works: