Nigeria business opportunity

Nigeria, the continent’s most populous country with over 200 million people, primarily young, offers good business opportunities for members as the maintenance support for agricultural machinery.

The need to improve agricultural productivity has been one of the major problems faced by developing countries. Nigeria is one such country that is heavily hit by this peculiar problem. The maintenance and servicing of agricultural equipment (particularly tractors) remain a concern for Nigerian farmers. Because of a shortage of parts, tractors are sometimes out of commission for weeks.

It should be noted that governments both at federal and state levels have made some advancements in machinery utilisation. In fact, despite these, a lot of constraints are still militating against agricultural machinery utilisation, such as lack of competent management and strict supervision; poor training of personnel responsible for operating, repairing and maintaining the equipment; inadequate workshop and repair facilities; lack of skilled and accountable operators; lack of adequate availability of cash and credit when needed and inefficient utilisation of the types of machinery.

For that, from, we’re looking for companies that can provide an efficient service in fixing tractors or industrial and agricultural implements in Nigeria to put them in contact with our members and develop a new business opportunity.